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Updated 11/26/13

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The weekend was chockfull of exciting games featuring Ricks-Scenics appointing the battlefields! Over the weekend Rick provided the scenics and models for Frank Chadwick's  new game "MEN UNDER FIRE".  Two North African desert battles conducted on different days - Early War, circa 1942!  These are excellent skirmish rules along the lines of Bolt Action and similar games. 

Frank Chadwick is a renowned author and historian, known for his historical expertise on WW2 and other periods of warfare. With well over a hundred games to his design credit, his most famous is arguably, "Command Decision - Test Of Battle."!  He can be seen as a subject expert in numerous war documentaries!

Other games incuding Ricks-Scenics was the spectacular American Civil War "Battle of the Crater-Petersburg," using Rick's fast-paced home rules, "Hell or High Water!"  The game featured unique movement and engagement rules designed by Steve Hagarty, representing very original morale, and aggressive attack mechanics not seen before in any game.  

Also, an equally large scale Sevastapol battle was conducted with impressively modelled fortifications created by Ricks-Scenics, and gamemastered by Nick Stern with his home brew rules.  Nick presents an always favorite crowd-pleaser Victorian battle scenario - close to a thousand colorful multi-national figures embellished the battlefield!


     . . . coming soon in 2014!

Making its Beta-testing debut was PROWLING PANZERS©, a WW2 and modern armor simulation game designed by Tibor Ipavic, which was well received!!! 
The British Desert Rats were thoroughly shellaced by the German DAK in North Africa in this recreation of the famous JULY 1942 BATTLE OF KIDNEY RIDGE!!! 

Unfortunately, for the Brits, poor unit deployment and flawed tactics on their part, coupled with lack of coordination, caused them to suffer severe losses, just as would be expected in reality!  It was hard to watch.  The right flank of tanks took it hardest on the chin.  The center held as best it could without the support of some additional tank firepower.  However, the left flank, greatly outnumbered, did a masterful job of bottling the bulk of the German armor in a narrow pass, creating enough junked vehicles (mostly Brit) preventing the breakout of the Panzers after the slugfest!  Didn't matter too much - by the time Panzers escaped the tight confines of the valley the battle was already won.

Much was learned and the essential game mechanics were well-liked for their realism.
One seasoned wargamer, was quoted saying, "the system was honest to armor and it's capabilities. . . ."  That's precisely what the games author was shooting for with PROWLING PANZERS©!   

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All product photos by Tibor Ipavic.

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